How To Buy

1.  If your already a registered patient with the Safe Alternatives please CLICK HERE to register for a username. Potential Patients can sign up for a username, CLICK HERE, but can only complete purchases once all steps, CLICK HERE, have been completed.

2.  If you have a certified patient card and would like to become a Member of Safe Alternatives please CLICK HERE to fill out the Designation Paperwork.

3.  If you would like to become a certified patient you can CLICK HERE to check our calendar for the next Patient sign up. You may also fill out the instant referral form below for a faster appointment. NOTE: Sign up for our next Patient Event for $99.00 and save an average of $50.00 anywhere in the State.

4.  After receiving a Maine Designation and Certification card you can CLICK HERE to fill out the Designation paperwork. Patients will also need to submit matching Maine State Id’s (or out of State ID, see below), the Medical Marijuana Certification Card, and designation card. Safe Alternatives will need to collect designation cards before patients will be able to purchase from the website or dispensary. 

5.  After the designation card and paperwork have been collected and approved, CLICK HERE for a username if you haven’t created one yet. 

6.  Once you have filled everything out and have a Username, CLICK HERE to go SHOPPING for medicine! Each patient has the ability to purchase 2.5 oz of product per 15 day period.

7.  If you are having issues, please email or CLICK HERE and fill out the form stating your issue and a Safe Alternatives Representative will contact you promptly.