How Medical Marijuana Works

It' Natural, It's Organic, It Works!


There are five major cannabinoids in medical marijuana that are extremely effective for relieving symptoms of many diseases, and each produces different physical and psychological effects. This is why medical marijuana is bred to have different amounts of each cannabinoid and are recommended for different conditions. 

The Effect of THC


THC stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol. It is the best known cannabinoid in medical marijuana. Physically it acts as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory and psychologically it acts as a stimulant. This makes medical marijuana strains high in THC the best option for patients who need relief but also to stay alert and active.


THC acts in the following manners:


>> Anti-Inflammatory  >> Anti-Epileptic  >> Anti-Depressant
>> Lowers Blood Pressure  >> Appetite Stimulant  >> Self Induced Call Death (Apoptosis)


CBD and it's Effects


CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol reduces the psychological effects of medical marijuana. A medical marijuana strain that has high THC and high cannabidiol will have fewer mental effects and more physical ones. High cannabidiol medical marijuana strainsare especially effective for illnesses with strong physical symptoms.


Cannabidiol effects are but not limited to:


>> Reduces Nausea  >> Reduces Pain  >> Reduces Anxiety  >> Sedative Effects 
>> Anti-Convulsive  >> Anti-Schizophrenic  >> Effectively Stop The Spread of Cancer


CBN and it's Effects


CBN is cannabinol which is very similar to THC, but has less psychological effects. It is produced as THC and breaks down within the medical marijuana plant. High THC will make cannabinol’s effects stronger, and high cannabinol concentrations can produce undesirably strong head highs.


Cannabinol effects are but not limited to:


>> Anti-Seizures  >> A Sedative  >> An Analgesic


CBC and it's Effects


CBC stands for cannabichromene. Cannabichromene’s main action is to enhance the effects of THC. High cannabichromene levels will make a high-THC medical marijuana strain much more potent.


Cannabichromene works together with THC is known to be:


>> Anti-Inflammatory  >> A Sedative  >> An Analgesic


CBG and it's Effects


CBG stands for cannabigerol. Cannabigerol has no psychological effects on its own, and is not found in high amounts in most medical marijuana. Scientists believe that cannabigerol is actually one of the oldest forms of cannabinoids and also has anti-microbial properties.


Cannabigerol has physical effect like:


>> Anti-Inflammatory  >> A Sedative  >> Assist with Sleep Disorders  >> Reduces Eye Pressure


Combining Strains


Alone, none of the five major cannabinoids are as effective as when they work together. These five cannabinoids also work with the minor compounds in marijuana, and this is probably one reason that medical marijuana replacements like Marinol are not as effective.


Medical Marijuana growers can analyze strains to breed and grow medication for patients with the desired range of levels of each major cannabinoid. Using this knowledge of what each compound does helps medical marijuana growers find the right combination for patients to treat specific conditions and find maximum relief.