Possible Side Effects




As with any other prescription or illegal drug, legal medical marijuana does have possible side effects. The main difference between side effects with Medical Marijuana versus Prescription Drugs that do the same thing as Medical Marijuana is, the side effects of Medical Marijuana are far less severe. Marijuana is one of the oldest natural herbs known to human beings. It is also one of the safest, as it is impossible to consume enough to produce a toxic effect in the body. However, if you are unfamiliar with it, there are some effects which you should be aware of so that you can use it more effectively.
The one thing to remember is that marijuana has been used for medical reasons for hundreds of years as compared to manufactured drugs of today. Medical research on marijuana has more times than not come back as a safe and effective way to ease many different kinds of suffering. Where as other pharmaceutical drugs, many times, have problems receiving FDA approvals. Unlike many prescription drugs used for the same thing, there are no significant withdrawal effects when medical marijuana use is stopped or decreased, however symptom relief could cease or be decreased. Minor restlessness, nausea, and fatigue may be experienced.



Marijuana usually has a soothing and comforting effect on the mind. Sometimes people do experience feelings of anxiety. If this happens to you, there are several things you can do. Try to stay in environments where you feel naturally comfortable. You may want to avoid busy, noisy, or unattractive places. If your environment is safe and comfortable, and you still have some anxiousness, sit or lay down, breathe deeply, and relax. Eating will often quickly reduce the feeling of anxiety. Then, the next time you use it, try reducing your dosage. Because of our social training, you may have feelings of guilt.


Hunger and Thirst


Many people become hungry after using marijuana, and those who need their appetite stimulated use it for this very reason. If you are not using it for this purpose, drink water or juice. If you do wish to eat, eat good nourishing food rather than sweets. Marijuana often makes people feel thirsty. Because of this, it helps those who need it to hydrate themselves. Drink all the water you wish. Fruit juices are better than coffee, tea, or soft drinks.

Eye Redness
This will not hurt you. You do not need to use any of the commercial preparations that "get the red out" for cosmetic reasons. If you must go out in public and are concerned about others' reaction to the redness, wear sunglasses.

Tired and/or Drowsiness
Some people find that marijuana makes them sleepy. If you can and wish to, go ahead and take a nap. As with all medicines that can produce drowsiness, don't drive or operate heavy machinery.

Some people find that they can't sleep for a while after using marijuana. If this happens to you, try reducing your dosage, and avoid using it for about two hours or so before you want to sleep.

Short Term Memory Loss
Sometimes people find it difficult to carry on a complicated conversation, keep track of details, or perform complex tasks. If this happens to you, schedule your time so that you don't have to do these things when using your medicine. Long-term memory is not affected.

Many people find that things which normally don't seem funny become quite amusing when they use marijuana. Most people enjoy this effect. A good laugh helps the healing power of your body and mind.